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Virus and Malware Removal

If you find suspicious activity on your computer, like mysterious pop-ups, or your computer has taken a noticeable hit in performance lately, you may have a virus. This could lead to serious consequences if ignored.

We Offer Expert Online Virus Removal

You may not be aware of this, but no two computer systems are exactly alike—even if you bought two of the same brand at the same time. Think of this as human twins: They may look alike, but their different life experiences make them different people. These differences affect how virus removal software works on your particular computer. Most of it guesses what you have—and we’ve found this may not be very effective for help removing viruses that are particularly malicious and deeply embedded. Here, a real live computer expert is still better than a free online virus scan.  

After you contact us, one of our Personal Technology Experts® will run an extensive 50-point diagnostic check-up using our proprietary technology to find and clean your malware problem quickly. This includes checking for:

    Computer viruses
    Spyware Adware Key Loggers Worms Conficker virus Mocmex trojan Alureon trojan Torpig trojan Nyxem worm Stinger virus Warezov worm Bifrost trojan Zlob trojan Any new threats that appear

Why Free Virus Removal Services Often Don’t Work

We’ve all seen services promising to remove malware (that is, viruses, Trojans, spyware, etc.) for free and free is better than paying for something, right? Not necessarily. What if it doesn’t work? Free services rarely offer guarantees and vastly under deliver on their promises. Or worse, some applications may even be criminals placing even more malware on your computer. How can you be sure?
Computer virus removal can be extremely tricky, and going with a reputable company that you trust is important. has been helping people just like you since 1998. We understand that you shouldn’t have to be a computer expert just to enjoy technology, and our Personal Technology Experts® ensure that all of the necessary steps to remove a virus are taken

Our Advanced Virus Removal Tools Are Here to Help

Many of the people we’ve helped fit one profile. Let’s call this person “Matt.” Matt isn’t a computer expert by any means, but he knows how to use the right applications to do his work, surf the Internet and check his email. He’s also cautious about what sites he visits and what he downloads. In other words, he knows about computer viruses and Trojans.

But one day, Matt receives a file from his friend. He recognizes the sender’s name, so he opens the email immediately. Only his friend never sent that email, which contained a dangerous new form of malware. The sender’s address was “spoofed” (i.e., faked).

Now Matt’s computer is infected and runs incredibly slowly. It’s likely “a zombie,” a computer performing criminal acts that could be traced back to Matt himself. Matt then runs the best free virus and spyware removal software he could find. Did it fully work or not? His computer still runs slowly, so it’s difficult to judge.
Knowing he shouldn’t take the risk, Matt contacts to be sure. He explains the problem and one of our Personal Technology Experts® is able to perform an effective virus repair and removal—cleaning his system 100%.

This is part of the reason why our approach of using real human expert’s works better than free virus removers you may find online. After all, you wouldn’t trust a free computer scan over a real doctor to examine you, would you?


Who We Are - Why We’re Better

At IPace Global, we know effective virus clean ups aren’t easy. They require patience and some detective work. This is why we require all of our Personal Technology Experts® to first earn their title by passing a series of incredibly rigorous tests. By doing this, IPace Global assures you that you’re getting the best computer virus removal possible.

Don’t continue to struggle with a virus. Contact IPace Global right now and have it cleaned immediately.

Contact IPace Global now for any remote online virus removal you need.