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Computer Security

How Good Is Your Network Security?

Your computer system’s security is now more important than ever. And if you’re using a Wi-Fi router without first setting up strong encryption security, you run the risk of criminals accessing your system illegally—putting your financial and private files at risk.
Contact us to have your computer’s security set up.

We’ll Set Up Your Computer Security Software

Most Wi-Fi routers arrive with WPA / WEP encryption provided, but it must be properly configured for you to access the Internet while keeping strangers out. Otherwise, your neighbours or even passers-by can access your network at will. 

To prevent this, turn to IPace Global. Think of our Personal Technology Experts® as your own computer security consultants. Not only can we configure your system to provide its maximum security, but we can also run an extensive 52-point diagnostic check-up using our proprietary technology to find and clean any viruses you may have. We’ll check for:

    Windows® security
    Computer viruses
    WiFi security Spyware Adware Keyloggers Worms Past security alerts Device connections Help with System Restore File recovery System start-up problems System memory problems Advanced laptop and desktop repair Malware removal

Why Your Firewall Security Is Important

If you’re like many computer users, you’ve probably heard about firewalls, but you may not fully know what they do. Let’s break it down for you. 

A solid firewall is essential to both your broadband and wireless network security. Much like its namesake—a fireproof wall build to contain flames—a computer firewall prevents outside entities (like viruses or hackers) from breaking through your computer system security and into your private files. You can have a firewall as either hardware or software. But like any security system, it only works if you have it properly enabled.       

To make sure your firewall and Wi-Fi router security are working correctly, have one of our Personal Technology Experts® set them up for you. Many falsely feel that their laptop security alone is enough to fully protect them, only to later discover that it was never enabled after an outside attack occurs. Don’t let this be you. Be safe.


Tighten Your Computer System Security

Cyber criminals are growing in their number and strength. And just like any predators, they hunt for the easiest prey. By setting up an effective roadblock against them, they’ll likely skip over your computer system and seek out others. These criminals know that there are far too many computer users out there will little to no security at all to bother with trying to crack your data security software.

But again, your computer security has to be properly configured to work. 

IPace Global understands how important your private financial information is, so we make sure our Personal Technology Experts are up to the task. We want you to be able to enjoy the Web—safely and securely.

Who We Are - Why We're Better

At IPace Global, we provide assistance for your technology needs in the manner that you deserve. All of our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and we require all of our Personal Technology Experts® to earn their title by passing a series of incredibly rigorous tests. By doing this, IPace Global assures you that you’re getting the best computer security possible with what you have.

Contact IPace Global now and ask about your Wi-Fi security